Coopertive Members Survey Individual Results
Now Available for Purchase!



All your survey data in one concise yet comprehensive format (MS-Excel workbook).

The complete questionnaire imbedded with summary tables.

Charts for every summary table plus special combined charts for groups of questions.

Custom links through out the workbook to ease navigation.

Each tab (survey, charts, and open ends) is pre-formatted for printing. No need to define page-breaks and headers.

All your numeric data as well as every open-ended response organized for ease of use.

All tables and charts are dynamically created from the data; unlike this website, there are no pictures in the workbook.


For purchasing information, please contact Bill Shroer at:

Screen shots*:

The "Survey" tab contains the full text of the survey as well as imbedded summary tables.


Note that each of the Survey, Charts, and Open Ends tabs contain links to each other.


The charts tab contains bar charts for every (numeric) summary table as well as some combined charts--40 charts in all!.


Each tab is pre-defined for printing so you need not worry about objects being cut in half or page numbering.


Numbers are all well and good for analysis but what do your members really want to tell you?


Though it's a hidden worksheet, the data* is all there just in case you want to create some more advanced tables of your own.

*All data depicted in these images is simulated; no actual client data was used in their creation.